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New Arrivals - Book

1 St.CLAIR Caroline Exploring Bioinformatics: A project based approach 2
2 CROWLEY'S Introduction to Human Disease: Pathology and Pathophysiology Correlations 10
3 SCOTT Janie B Practical Applications for the Occupational Therapy CODE OF ETHICS (2015) 0
4 CIKULIN-KULINSKI Kathy Physical Therapy Clinical Handbook for PTAS 3
5 GARDNER A and DAVIES Human Genetics 2
6 EDWARDS Quannetta T Genetics and Genomics in Nursing: Guidelines for conducting a Risk Assessment 0
7 SCHONFELD Irvin Sam Occupational Health Psychology 0
8 FORMAN Lisa Access to Medicines as a Human Right: Implications for Pharmaceutical Industry Responsibility 0
9 JEWELL Dianne Guide to Evidence-Based Physical Therapist Practice 0
10 BOTSTEIN David Decoding the Language of Genetics 0
11 EDWARDS Sandra J Hand Grasps and Manipulation Skills: Clinical Perspectives of Development and Function 2
12 ALPINS Noel Practical Astigmatism: Planning and Analysis 0
13 ELIZABETH K E Nutrition and Child Development 5
14 CLOHERTY and STARK's Manual of Neonatal Care ed by Eric C Eichenwald 8
15 PEARL Phillip L Inherited Metabolic Epilesies 2
16 STEIN-RUBIN Cyndi Guide to Clinical Assessment and Professional Report Writing in Speech Language Pathology 2
17 ERICKSON Mia L Documentation Basics for the Physical Therapist Assistant 3
18 READ Andrew and DONNAI Dian New Clinical Genetics 3 3
19 CAFFEY'S Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging in 2 Vols 13
20 CAFFEY'S Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging in 2 Vols 13
21 SKIRTON Heather Genetics for the Health Sciences: A handbook for Clinical Healthcare 0
22 ADAM Henry M Signs and Symptoms in Pediatrics 0
23 LEE Synopsis of Anestheia ed by Cashman J N 14
24 SINGH Meharban Care of the Newborn 8
25 MILLER Paul William EMDR Therapy for Schizophrenia and other Psychoses 0
26 REINSTEIN Dan Z Surgeon's Guide to SMILE; Small incision Lenticule Extraction 0
27 EDELSTEIN Sari Nutrition in Public Health 4
28 BABU Dayananda R Clinical Surgery Pearls 3
29 BABU Dayananda R Clinical Surgery Pearls 3
30 GREEN Michael R Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual in 3 Vols 4
31 DIPIETRO Loretta Essentials of Public Health Biology: Biologic Mechanisms of Disease and Global Perspectives 0
32 PERRY Arie Practical Surgical Neuropathology: Diagnostic Approach 2
33 NNAKWE Nweze Eunice Community Nutrition: Planning Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 2
34 BARASH Paul G Clinical Anesthesia 8
35 MURRAY Michelle L Essentials of Fetal Monitoring 4
36 SEERAM Euchid Radiation protection in diagnostic X-Ray Imaging 0
37 WEINER Howard L Multiple Sclerosis 0
38 GAGE Fred H Neurogenesis 0
39 O'HARA Maary A Ophthalmic Medical Assisting 6
40 WENIG Bruce M Non-neoplastic diseases of the Head and Neck: Atlas of nontumor Pathology 0
41 CALL Josep APA Handbook of Comparative Psychology: Basic concepts, Methods 0
42 BUTCHER James N API Handbook of Psychopathology 0
43 GODLEY, Andrew Physics in Radiation Oncology Self-Assessment Guide 1
44 JEFFCOATE Principles of Gynecology 9
45 SWIGERT Nancy B Documentation and reimbursement for speech language pathologists 0
46 LAW, Mary Measuring Occupational Performance: Supporting Best Practice in Occupational Therapy 3
47 LEE Synopsis of Anestheia ed by Cashman J N 14
48 FISCHER'S Mastery of Surgery in 2 Vols 7
49 GREEN Michael R Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual in 3 Vols 4
50 GREEN Michael R Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual in 3 Vols 4
51 HUGHES Helen K Harriet Lane Handbook 0
52 KARSENTY Gerard Bone: A Regulator of Physiology 0
53 LEACH Debra Behaviour support for students with ASD: Practical help for 10 Common Challenges 0
54 SUBRAMANYAM B V Hospital Management and Administration: Principles and Practice including Law 0
55 SHARMA Vinod K Sexually Transmitted Infections 0
56 SMITH-GABAI Helene Occupational Therapy in Acute Care 2
57 GREEN Andrew Post Operative Orthopedic Rehabilitation 0
58 ABUHAMAD Alfred Practical Guide to Fetal Echocardiography: Normal and Abnormal Hearts 3
59 PALAZZO Juan P Practical Surgical Pathology of the Breast 0
60 FISCHER'S Mastery of Surgery in 2 Vols 7
61 POMMERVILLE Jeffrey C Fundamentals of Microbiology 11
62 WINTERFELDT Esther A Nutrition and Dietetics: Practice and Future Trends 5
63 KARPINSKI Christine Sports Nutrition: a handbook for Professionals 6
64 EDELSTEIN Sari Life Cycle Nutrition: and Evidence-based Approach 2
65 BERNSTEIN Melissa Nutrition Across Life Stages 0
66 HOLMES Gregory Epilepsy: Biology of a Spectrum Disorder 0
67 COLD SPRING Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology: Cognition 0
68 SINGH Meharban Medical Emergencies in Children 5
69 ZOLLMAN Felise S Manual of Traumatic Brain Injury: Assessment and Management 2
70 BLOW David Neuromuscular taping: treatment of edemas, hematomas and scars 0
71 BRAZIS Paul W Localization in Clinical Neurology 7
72 GOLD Steven N APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology 0
73 GABBE Steven G Obstetrics: Normal and Problem Pregnancies 0
74 SHARMA Vinod K Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS 2
75 DICKER Adam P Prostate Cancer: Multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and management 0
76 PERRIN Karen Marie Essentials of Planning and Evoluation for Public Health 0
77 MEDEIROS Jeffrey L Tumors of the lumps nodes andSpleen: AFIP atlas of tumor pathology 0
78 CHOUDHURY Hajra S K Elements of Workshop TechnmologyL Machine tools 15
79 CHOUDHURY Hajra S K Elements of Workshop Technmology: Machine tools 15
80 CHUDLER Eric H Brain Bytes: Quick answers to quick questions about the brain 0
81 PUTRELL Nancy Vascular Neurology Board Review: Questions and Answers 2
82 CLARK Gloria Frolek Best Practices for documenting occupational therapy services in schools 0
83 THOMPSON Catherine Rush Pediatric Therapy: Inter Professional Framework for Practice 0
84 KAUFMANN Stefan H E Tuberculosis: Subject Collection from cold spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine 0
85 TAPPERO Ellen P Physical Assesment of the new born: Comprehensive Approach to the art of Physical Examination 6
86 BUTCHER James N APT Handbook of Psychopathology: 0
87 JANIK Leslie E Cardiac diagnosis for acute care: NP's and PA's guide to a Comprehensive History 0
88 SHARMA OP Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine 0
89 CHERNOFF Ronni Geriatric Nutrition: The Health Professionals Handbook 4
90 KORC-GRODZICKI Beatriz Handbook of Geriatric Oncology 0
91 YOCHIM Brian P Psychology of Aging: A Psychosocial Perspective 0
92 FRASER Scott J Unifying Effective Psychotherapies: Tracing the Process of Change 0
93 EALY George T EBOLA: Emerging Infectious Disease Case Study 0
94 HALE Thomas W Textbook of human Lactation 1
95 BABU Dayananda Clinical Surgery Pearls 3
96 BABU Dayananda Clinical Surgery Pearls 3
97 BABU Dayananda Clinical Surgery Pearls 3
98 CALL Josep APA Handbook pf Comparative Psychology: Basic Concepts, Methods 0
99 GOLD Steven N APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology 0
100 GAZZANIGA Michael S Psychological Science 6
101 WILLIAM's Obstetrics Ed by Cunningham Gary F 25
102 NEWMAN Leonard Social Psychology: Storytelling Approach 2
103 BOYD Robert How Humans Evolved 0
104 PAYNE-PALACIO June R Profession of Dietetics: a team approach 6
105 SINGH Meharban Care of the newborn 8
106 SINGH Meharban Care of the newborn 8
107 FOUCAR Kathryn Tumors of the bone marrow: AFIP atlas of tumor Pathology 0
108 HOVANESIAN John A Refractive Cataract Surgery: Best Practices and Advanced Technology 2
109 STRAUS Sharon E Evidence based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM 5
110 KOWALCZYKOWSKI Stephen DNA Recombination 0
111 WILIAMS Obstetrics Ed by Cunningham Gary F 25
112 WILLIAM's Obstetrics Ed by Cunningham Gary F 25
113 PITTMANN Julian Anatomy and Physiology: Integrated Approach 2
114 GABBARD Carl P Lifelong Motor Development 7
115 HUGHES Helen K Harriet Lane Handbook 0
116 FOWERS Blaine J Frailty Suffering and Vice 0
117 POLLAK Andrew N Community Health Paramedicine 0
118 SCHAFER Jason J HIV Pharmacotherapy: the Pharmacist role in care and Treatment 0
119 KOTECKI Jerome E Physical Activity and Health: Interactive approach 5
120 HUSSAIN Zakir Otolaryngology 4
121 MACKINNON III George E Understanding Health outcomes and Pharmacoeconimics 0


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