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CD / DVD Medical Book Collection

SNoCDNoCall NoAuthorTitleFormatLocation
1 252 0 RON HUBBARD L The Way to Happiness: A Common Sense Guide to Better Living DVDR DML
2 7 Q W Nutritrac CDR DML
3 67 QH Alberts Molecular Biology of the Cell 4th ed. CDR DML
4 121 QH Watson Baker Bell Molecular Biology of the Gene 5th ed. CDR DML
5 122 QH Nature Collections Human Genome CDR DML
6 136 QH Watson Baker Bell Molecular Biology of the Gene. 5th ed. CDR DML
7 173 QS Gartner LP Color textbook of Histology 3rd ed. CDR DML
8 80 QS Difiores Atlas of Histology 10th ed CDR DML
9 2009225 QS McMINNS Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy 6th ed. DVD GML
10 181 QS Gayatri Rath QA in Anatomy (Based on BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy. 4th ed.) CDR DML
11 185 QS Primal 3D Anatomy A Supplement to accompany Moore & Dalley: Clinical oriented anatomy. 5th ed. CDR DML
12 186 QS McMinns Clinical atlas of human anatomy DVD DML
13 249 QS ECKER Philip M Simbryo : An Animated Tour of human Development CDR DML
14 119 QS Gayatri Rath Questions answers in Anatomy based on BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy 4th ed. CDR DML
15 117 QS Arthur Dalley Dynamic Human Anatomy Student Version 2.0 CDR DML
16 94 QS SIMBRYO an animated tour of human development Version 1.1 CDR DML
17 105 QS Bloom & Fawcetts Concise Histology 2nd Ed. CDR DML
18 57 QS (Primal 3D Anatomy) CDR DML
19 59 QS Keith L Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy 5th Ed. CDR DML
20 60 QS DiFiore’s Atlas of Histology: interactive atlas 10th ed CDR DML
21 61 QS Gartner P Leslie Interactive color atlas of Histology 4th Ed. CDR DML
22 62 QS Junqueira and Carneiro Basic Histology: Image Library 11th Ed. CDR DML
23 54 QS Primal (Primal 3D Anatomy) CDR DML
24 74 QS Primal 3D Anatomy Moore:clinically oriented anatomy 5th ed. DVD DML
25 75 QS Gartner P Leslie Interactive color atlas of Histology 4th ed. CDR DML
26 76 QS Junqueira Basic Histology / Image Library 11th ed. CDR DML
27 86 QS Artbur F Dalley Dynamic Human Anatomy CDR DML
28 83 QS Primal 3D Anatomy; a supplementary to accompany Moore & Dalley: Clinical oriented anatomy 5th ed. CDR DML
29 84 QS Inderbir Singh Atlas of Human Anatomy CDR DML
30 90 QS Keith L Moore Clinically oriented Anatomy 5th ed. CDR DML
31 9 QS Philip M Ecker Animated Tour of Human Development CDR DML
32 23 QS Tortora Principles of Anatomy & Physiology 10th Ed CDR DML
33 240 QS4 Moore Keith L Clinically Oriented Anatomy CDR DML
34 238 QS504 JUNQUEIRAS Basic Histology: text & Atlas CDR GML
35 248 QS504 JUNQUEIRAS Basic Histology Text and Atlas CDR DML
36 263 QS604 Ecker Philip M Simbryo : An Animated Tour of human Development CDR DML
37 11 QU Vasudevan Textbook of Biochemistry 2004 CDR DML
38 14 QU Ruth A Roth Nutrition and Diet therapy 8th Ed. CDR DML
39 70 QU Pearson The Complete Dietary Anaysis Tool (EVALUEAT) CDR DML
40 48 QU Mark Basic Medical Biochemistry: a clinical approach CDR DML
41 107 QU Marks Basic Medical Biochemistry 2nd Ed CDR DML
42 134 QU Mark Basic Medical Biochemistry CDR DML
43 148 QU Mosby Nutritrac: Nutrition Analysis Software - Ver.IV CD-ROM DML
44 143 QV International Pharmacopoeia 4th ed. CDR DML
45 250 QV GARG Gobind Raj Review of Pharmacology DVDR DML
46 245 QV WHO International nonproprietary names(INN) for pharmaceutical substances CDR DML
47 200901 QV Judith E Thompson Pratical Guide to Contemporary Pharmacy Practice CD DML
48 207 QV WHO International Pharmacopoeia 4th ed CD DML
49 187 QW Experts’ Insight into Jupiter Trial CDR DML
50 183 QW Journal of Experimental Biology Vol.211 CDR DML
51 196 QW Ashok Garg Mastering Advanced surface ablation techniques DVD DML
52 144 QW The best of the Nature pod cast CDR DML
53 128 QW Case Based discussions: applications of a new antibiotic for clinical practice CDR DML
54 152 QW Medico Legal and other Issues Related to Clinical Practice Vol.I, II, III CDR DML
55 160 QW Alex Ward Biophysical bases of electrotherapy CDR DML
56 176 QW Fields Virology 5th ed. CDR DML
57 165 QW 5 minutes x 2 films CDR DML
58 169 QW 5 minutes x 2 films CDR DML
59 102 QW John S Lazo Review of USMLE Step – 1 (NMS) CDR DML
60 95 QW Oxford Advanced Learners Compass CDR DML
61 100 QW Kirtane Anatomical principles of endoscopic sinus surgery: a step by step approach CDR DML
62 109 QW Revealing the Data behind the causes of CHD CDR DML
63 112 QW Thomas H Townsend Clinical Journeys for audiology, the fundamentals 2nd ed. Floppy DML
64 123 QW Anesthesiology Abstracts 2 view of CD ROM 2001 to 2006 & Annual 2006 Meeting Abstracts CDR DML
65 16 QW Robert kiley Medical Information of the Internet CDR DML
66 18 QW Barbara A Gylys Interactive Medical Terminology CDR DML
67 19 QW Monica Monica Monograph and Multimedia sourcebook CD-ROM Part1 CDR DML
68 21 QW Ivan Roitt Immunology, 6th Ed. CDR DML
69 38 QW WHO (Square Shape CD) WHO Guide to cost-effectiveness analysis (making choices in health) CDR DML
70 41 QW Copy on hard disk Miacalcic Quest Study: qualitative effects of salmon calcitonin therapy CDR DML
71 45 QY Lawrence A Kaplan Clinical Chemistry: theory, analysis, correlation 4th ed. CDR DML
72 47 QZ Rubin’s Pathology: clinico-pathologic foundations of medicine 4th ed. CDR DML
73 24 QZ Robbins Pathology 2004 CDR DML
74 110 QZ Cancer Research Vol.66, 2006 No.1-24 Pages 1-12052 DVD DML
75 49 QZ Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Diseases 7th Ed. CDR DML
76 71 QZ Peter J Russel Genetics; a modern approach 2nd Ed CDR DML
77 132 QZ Ann Reynolds Genetics CDR DML
78 135 QZ Harsh Mohan Textbook of Pathology 5th ed. (Photo CD) CDR DML
79 241 QZ FUJIREBIO View the animation on the CA125 + HE4 Combinaton test: a dagnostc advance in ovarian cancer risk stratification CDR DML
80 15 W Betty Davis John Comprehensive Medical Terminology CDR DML
81 2009228 W18 IBEN Kenneth NMS: Review for USMLE Step 2 CK Version 1.0 CDR DML
82 2009229 W18 ROSNER Mitchell NMS; Review for USMLE Step 3. Version 1.0 CDR DML
83 2009227 W18 Lazo John S NMS:Review for USMLE Step 1 Version 1.0 CDR DML
84 151 W700 DNB National Board of Examinations: CDR DML
85 113 W700 Margaret M Start Clinical Forensic Medicine 2nd Ed CDR DML
86 2009211 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-3: Medical Negligence and duties of a Doctor DVD DML
87 2009212 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-4: Surgical Audit DVD DML
88 2009213 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-5: Hospital Acquired Infections DVD DML
89 2009214 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-6: Hospital Safety Protocols DVD DML
90 2009215 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-7: Infection Control in Wards DVD DML
91 2009216 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-8: Infection Control in OTs/ICUs DVD DML
92 2009217 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-9: Patients Safety Protocols DVD DML
93 2009218 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-10: Effective Communication with Patients DVD DML
94 2009209 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-1: Consumer Protection Act DVD DML
95 2009210 W925 National Board Examination National Board Examination: Part-2: Medico Legal Aspects in Clinical Practice DVD DML
96 200 WA Poornima Tiwari Epidemiology Made Easy CDR DML
97 243 WA WHO World health Statistics CDR DML
98 78 WA Brian Haynes Clinical Epidemiology: how to do clinical practice research CDR DML
99 127 WA WHO Training modules on GMP a resource and study pack for trainers CDR DML
100 264 WA Jain Vivek Review of Preventive and Social Medicine(Including Biostatistics) DVDR DML
101 265 WA Mahajan Gupta VIVA in PSM: Text book of PSM CDR DML
102 266 WA Jain Vivek Review of Preventive and Social Medicine(Including Biostatistics) DVDR DML
103 251 WA Jain Vivek Review of Preventive and Social Medicine(Including Biostatistics) DVDR DML
104 124 WA 675 WHO Water Sanitation and Health (Electronic Library) 4th ed. CD-ROM DML
105 96 WB 999764025X Hand Rehabilitation: a quick reference guide and review CDR DML
106 97 WB William D Mcardle Essentials of exercise physiology CDR DML
107 93 WB Lynn S Bickley Bates Guide to Physical Examination and history taking (student resource CD-ROM to accompany) CDR DML
108 69 WB William D McArdle Student CD-ROM for Sports and Exercise nutrition. 2nd ed. CDR DML
109 81 WB BMJ Evidence-Based Rheumatology CDR DML
110 85 WB BATES, Lynn S Bickley Guide to physical examination 9th ed. CDR DML
111 8 WB Grabois, Garrison, Hart Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation CDR DML
112 179 WB Harrison Principles of Internal Medicine 17th Ed. DVD DML
113 30 WB Cecil Textbook of Medicine 20th Ed. CDR DML
114 43 WB Patricia J Benjamin Tappan’s Handbook of Healing Massage Technique 4th ed. CDR DML
115 34 WB AMA & JAMA Users Guides to Medical Literature: a manual for evidence based clinical practice CDR DML
116 159 WB John Low & Ann Reed Physical Principles Explained CDR DML
117 172 WB Tidys Physiotherapy 14th Ed. CDR DML
118 146 WB Mary Vining Radomski Student DVD Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction 6th ed. 2 Copies DVD DML
119 162 WB Harrison Principles of Internal Medicine 17th ed. DVD DML
120 154 WB Cameron Physical Rehabilitation: evidence based examination evaluation and intervention CDR DML
121 157 WB Nicholas J Talley Clinical Examination (Videos) CDR DML
122 141 WB Mary Vining Radomski Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction 6th Ed. DVD DML
123 230 WB 400 WILLIAMS Basic Nutrition Diet therapy CDR DML
124 208 WB200 MACLEODS'S Clinical Examination DVD DML
125 232 WB400 WILLIAMS Basic Nutrition Diet therapy CDR DML
126 2010241 WB460 BISWAS, Anirban.Dr Physical Therapy for Balance Disorder Patients DVD DML
127 36 WC Mandell Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases. 6th Ed. CDR DML
128 46 WC Mandell Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases CDR DML
129 44 WE Nancy Berryman Reese Muscle and Sensory Testing 2nd ed. CDR DML
130 254 WE Pandya Mahesh Degenerative Lumbar Spine Disorder and its Conservative Treatment DVDR DML
131 259 WE Syngle Ashit Rheumatology: Principles and Practice DVDR DML
132 268 WE Jupiter Browner Skeletal Trauma: Basic Science,Managment, and Reconstruction. DISK 1 ,DISK 2 DVDR DMl
133 6 WE Campbell Operative Orthopaedics surgery movies10th Ed. CDR DML
134 87 WE Joseph Jankovic Video Atlas of movement disorders 2nd Ed CDR DML
135 55 WE Kendall A supplementary to accompany CDR DML
136 56 WE Muscle Testing and Function 5th ed. CDR DML
137 53 WE Kendall Muscle Testing and Function 5th ed. CDR DML
138 65 WE Green Green’s Operative Hand Surgery 5th Ed CDR DML
139 73 WE Primal 3D Anatomy Kendall: muscles, testing and function 5th ed. DVD DML
140 115 WE Philip Helliwell Foot and ankle in rheumatoid arthritis; a comprehensive guide DVD DML
141 175 WE Mercier LR Practical Orthopedics 6th ed. CDR DML
142 140 WE Montgomery Muscle Testing: techniques of manual examination DVD DML
143 158 WE Marc C Hochberg Rheumatology 4th ed. CDR DML
144 155 WE Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics 11th ed. DVD DML
145 161 WE David J Magee Orthopedic Physical Assessment 5th ed. CDR DML
146 150 WE Hislop Montgomery Companion DVD to Muscle Testing: techniques of manual examination DVD DML
147 2009204 WE AJIT KUMAR M Practical Operatrive Guide for Total Knee and Hip Replacement DVD DML
148 2009205 WE VENKATASWAMI R Surgery of the Injured Hand Vol 1, 2 DVD DML
149 2009201 WE MARYA SKS Surface Replacement of the Hip DVD DML
150 237 WE DAS K Shyamal Movement Disorders: A Clinical and Therapeutic Approach DVDR GML
151 222 WE725 OLSON A Kenneth Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine DVD DML
152 88 WF Arora VK Practical approach to tuberculosis management CDR DML
153 89 WF Arora VK, Gupta ML Practical approach to respiratory diseases CDR DML
154 64 WF Sabiston & Spencer Surgery of the Chest 7th Ed. CDR DML
155 42 WF Gibson, John G Respiratory Medicine, 3rd Ed. CDR DML
156 27 WF Breath Sounds CDR DML
157 2010242 WF415 DESHPANDE, Vijay Mechanical Ventillation: Clinical Application CD-ROM DML
158 267 WG Rimmerman Curtis M Interactive Electrocardiography CDR DML
159 3 WG Eric J Topol Text book of Cardiovascular Medicine CDR DML
160 10 WG WHO Cardiovascular Survey Methods CDR DML
161 261 WG Luthra Atul Tips & Tricks Bedside Cardiology CDR DML
162 1 WG Brown, Collis, Leung, Salmon Heart Sounds Made Easy CDR DML
163 28 WG Braunwald Heart Disease 7th Ed. CDR DML
164 26 WG Heart Sound CDR DML
165 31 WG Braunwald Heart Diseases 6th Ed. CDR DML
166 32 WG Leonard Werner Heart Sounds; Basic cardiac auscultation CDR DML
167 12 WG Grossman Cardiac catheterization, angiography and intervention 7th ed. CDR DML
168 20 WG Grossman Cardiac Catheterization, angiography and intervention 6th Ed. CDR DML
169 72 WG Grossman Cardiac catheterization, angiography, and intervention. 7th ed. DVD DML
170 66 WG Wesley S Moore Vascular and Endovascular Surgery: a comprehensive review. 7th ed. DVD DML
171 52 WG Feigenbaum’s Echocardiography: video atlas 6th ed. CDR DML
172 50 WG Braunwald’s Heart Diseases: a textbook of cardiovascular medicine 7th ed. CDR DML
173 104 WG Crawford MH, DiMarco JP Cardiology 2nd Ed CDR DML
174 171 WG Braunwalds Heart Diseases 8th Ed. CDR DML
175 156 WG Braunwald Heart Diseases 7th ed. CDR DML
176 142 WG A complete course in heart sounds and murmurs on CD (companion CD to Essentials of Bedside cardiology 2nd ed.) CDR DML
177 133 WG Tobin Lim Marriotts Practical Electrocardiography CDR DML
178 137 WG Constant, Jules A Complete course in Heart sounds and murmurs on CD CDR DML
179 138 WG Braunwald Heart Diseases 8th ed. CDR DML
180 199 WG Atul Luthra Echo Made Easy CDR DML
181 2010239 WG FEIGENBAUM'S Echocardiography CDR DML
182 201 WG Robin H Lim Marriotts Practical Electrocardiography 11th ed DVD DML
183 180 WG Baker Practical Cardiology 2nd Ed. CD DML
184 224 WG17 HUTCHISON Stuart J Complication of Myocardial infarction: Clinical diagnostic imaging Atlas DVD DML
185 2010243 WG17 TEMPE, Deepak K Atlas of Transesophageal Echocardiography: A Beginner's Perspective CD-ROM DML
186 33 WH Hoffman Hematology. 4th Ed. CDR DML
187 120 WH Hoffman Hematology (IMAGE BANK) 4 Copies CDR DML
188 244 WH FRIEDMAN J Richard New Perspective on Venous Thromboembolic diseases CDR DML
189 147 WH Neal S Young Clinical Hematology (single user) CDR DML
190 129 WI Gut GUT supp no III Vol.56 CDR DML
191 191 WI Devanji Rao Gastrointestinal Surgery: step by step management CDR DML
192 68 WI Gregory G Ginsberg Clinical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy DVD DML
193 35 WI Sleisenger & Fordtrans Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease. 7th Ed. CDR DML
194 270 WI Blumgart LH Surgery of the Liver Biliary Tract and Pancreas: Companion Video Image Collection DVDR DML
195 126 WJ Erectile Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction from data to clinical decisions CDR DML
196 116 WJ Campbell-Walsh Urology 9th ed. (only references) CDR DML
197 184 WJ Shlomo Raz Female Urology. 3rd Ed. DVD DML
198 131 WJ Continuing Education CDROM Program: the importance of optimal MPA dosing after kidney transplantation. CDR DML
199 2009202 Wk NA International consensus on the Diabetic Foot & Practical guideliness on the Managment and Prevention of the Diabetic foot DVD DML
200 269 WK 0 International Consensus on the Diabetic Foot and Practical Guidelines on the Managment and Prevention of the Diabetic Foot DVDR DML
201 5 WL Textbook of Sleep medicine Sleep Multimedia Demo Version CDR DML
202 40 WL Copy on hard disk Spinal Cord Medicine: Clinical Practice Guideline CDR DML
203 92 WL Richard Snell Clinical Neuroanatomy 6th ed. (MCQs) CDR DML
204 98 WL Richard Snell Clinical Neuroanatomy CDR DML
205 145 WL Bassel Abou Khalil Atlas of EEG & Seizure Semiology CDR DML
206 130 WL Spine 30 years Spine (Vol.1 Issue 1 through Vol.30 Issue 24) CDR DML
207 2009001 WL390 Stanley Fahn, Joseph Jankovic Principles and Practice of Movement Disorders DVD DML
208 235 WL390 DAS K Shyamal Movement Disorders: A Clinical and Therapeutic Approach DVDR DML
209 246 WM RON HUBBARD L How to use Dianetics DVD DML
210 2009203 WN MALONE Imaging In Rehabilitation CD DML
211 2009199 WN ALLAN Paul Clinical Doppler Ultrasound CD DML
212 2009200 WN KARTHIKEYAN D Deppa Chegu Chest X-Ray Made Easy CD DML
213 149 WN Felson Principles of Chest Roentgenology: a programmed text 3rd ed. CDR DML
214 99 WN Richard R Carlton Principles of Radiographic Imaging 4th ed CDR DML
215 82 WN Mahesh PA, Vidyasagar B Principles and interpretation of Chest X-rays CDR DML
216 2010240 WN18 KARTHIKEYAN, D Chest X-Ray Made Easy (Photo CD-ROM) CD-ROM DML
217 255 WO Gupta Devendra K Pediatric Surgery : Diagnosis and Management DVDR DML
218 256 WO Gupta K Devendra Pediatric Surgery : Diagnosis and Management DVDR DML
219 257 WO Bhat Sriram M SRB's Clinical Methods in Surgery DVDR DML
220 258 WO Schwartz Principles of Surgery DVDR DML
221 260 WO Bhave Arvind Emerging Techniques in Spine Surgery DVDR DML
222 253 WO Delaney C P Operative Techniques in Laproscopic Colorectal Surgery DVDR DML
223 262 WO Bhat Sriram M SRB's Clinical Methods in Surgery DVDR DML
224 178 WO Devendra K Gupta Pediatrics Surgery: Diagnosis and Management Vol. 1 & Vol.2 DVD DML
225 2 WO Norton, Bollinger, Chang, Lowry Reference compendium for surgery CDR DML
226 25 WO Miller Anesthesia (movie demonstration) 6th ed. CDR DML
227 22 WO John Corson Surgery CDR DML
228 17 WO Fred S Bongard Michael J stamos Surgery: a clinical approach CDR DML
229 13 WO Greenfield Surgery 3rd Ed. CDR DML
230 91 WO Sabiston Textbook of Surgery 17th ed. CDR DML
231 108 WO JBJS Surgical Technique Video Supplement DVD DML
232 79 WO Sabiston Textbook of Surgery 17th Ed. CDR DML
233 182 WO JBJS Surgical Techniques video supplement September 2007 CDR DML
234 236 WO141 LANGE Current Diagnosis and Treatmernt Surgery CDR DML
235 77 WO600 Dhandraj Prema Plastic Surgery made easy DVDR DML
236 233 WO600 Dhandraj Prema Plastic Surgery Made Easy 2 Copies DVDR DML
237 118 WO600 Grabb & Smiths Plastic Surgery 6th Ed. DVDR DML
238 63 WP King and Borgen Atlas of procedures in breast cancer surgery DVD DML
239 177 WP Telinde Operative Gynecology 10th ed DVD DML
240 153 WQ James DK High Risk Pregnanacy: management options CDR DML
241 51 WQ Daftary S N Manual of Obstetrics. 2005 2nd ed CDR DML
242 101 WQ James DK, Steer PJ High Risk Pregnancy management options CDR DML
243 39 WQ WHO Beyond the Numbers (reviewing maternal deaths and complications to make pregnancy safer) Part-II CDR DML
244 242 WR IADVL IADVL Digital Lectures Series: Undergraduate level CDR DML
245 111 WS ADAM BROCHERT Pediatrics (ultra yield clinical case scenarios for USMLE STEP-2 CDR DML
246 234 WS366 KHILNANI Praveen Practical Approach to Pediatric Intensive Care DVDR DML
247 106 WU Patterson Dental insight to connect through patterson eaglesoft CDR DML
248 29 WU Regezi, Sciubba, Jordan Oral Pathology. 4th Ed. CDR DML
249 114 WV Scott-Brown Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery 7th Ed. CDR DML
250 223 WV440 KUMAR W Ann Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies 2nd ED CD-ROM DML
251 231 WW All india Ophthalmologic Society Indian Journal of Ophthalmology: Corneal Infections CD DML
252 167 WW WHO & GOV INDIA Prevention of Corneal Injuries & Infections (English Film) CDR DML
253 163 WW WHO & GOV INDIA Prevention of Corneal Injuries & Infections (English Film) CDR DML
254 139 WW Samar K Basak Essentials of Ophthalmology CDR DML
255 202 WW Nema HV Textbook of Ophthalmology 2008 5th ed. DVD DML
256 203 WW Ashok Garg Mastering the Techniques of Laser Application in Ophthalmology 2008 DVD DML
257 204 WW Namrata Sharma Corneal Ulcer Diagnosis and Management DVD DML
258 205 WW Padmaja Kumari Rani Atlas of Retinal Diseases (Sankara Nethralaya) 2008 DVD DML
259 188 WW Arnab Biswas Color atlas of oculoplastic & orbital disorders DVDR DML
260 189 WW Vishali Gupta Diabetic Retinopathy 2007 DVD DML
261 190 WW Zia Chaudhuri Step by Step Clinical Management of strabismus DVD DML
262 197 WW Ashok Garg Mastering the Techniques of Corneal Refractive Surgery CDR DML
263 198 WW Pradeep Venkatesh Retinal Imaging DVD DML
264 192 WW Tarek M Shaarawy Glaucoma Vol.1 & 2 CDR DML
265 193 WW Amar Agarwal Refractive Surgery DVD DML
266 194 WW Ashok Garg Mastering Corneal Collagen Cross Linking Techniques 2009 DVD DML
267 195 WW Sandeep Saxena State of the Art Advanced ophthalmic surgery 2008 DVD DML
268 247 WW Barun Kumar Nayak Indian Journal of Ophthalmology DVD DML
269 2009226 WW260 Steinert Roger F Cataract Surgery DVD DMl
270 2009206 WX Pandey IM Financial Management CD DML
271 2009207 WX Pearson Prentice Hall's Self Assessment Library Version 3.3 CD DML
272 2009208 WX Stephen P Robbins, Timothy A. Judge Organisational Behavior CD DML
273 103 WX Albert, Slutsky Clinical Critical Care Medicine CDR DML
274 4 WX GD Kunders Facilities Planning and Management HOSPITALS CDR DML
275 174 WY Black JM Medical Surgical Nursing 8th ed. CDR DML
276 125 Z IRC Publications Building the knowledge gap CDR DML


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