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A Card system is used for lending out books to undergraduates, postgraduates and other authorized users, who are assigned library numbers by the library, should state the numbers to the staff at the Circulation Desk, whereupon a check is made, before materials is charged out.


Students can borrow two boks at a time. This incudes "reserve" books.

Staff can borrow two books (including reserve books) and three non-current journals, bound or loose. Five items from the College Library and five items from Hospital Library can be borrowed at any one time.


Books (regular) .......................................... Circulate for two weeks

Bound Journals.......................................... Circulate for two weeks

Unbound Journals.................................... Circulate for one week

Reserve Books.......................................... Circulate from 4.00 p.m. to next day 10.00 a.m.

Reserve Books:

A collection of those books which are in heavy demand are labelled "RESERVE". Reserve books are further indicated by a red strip on the spine. These are kept with other books in the open stacks. Reserve books shall be used within the Library until 4.00 p.m. monday through friday and untill 12.00 noon on Saturday, after which they may be charged out until 9.00 a.m. the following working day.

Reservation of Books & Journals (Holds):

If a desired item is in use at the time requested, a "hold" may be placed on it by completing a reserve slip. When the material becomes available, the material will be held for three days after notification. This does not apply to "reserve" books.

Materials not for Loan:

Current Journals. (a journal is held current until a subsequent issue is received), Reference Books, Indexes and Journal Abstracts, New Books (until 15 days after accession)

Exception: staff may borrow a reserve book or a current journal for a maximum of four hours during the day to use in a class, lecture, seminar or similar teaching situation. If such borrowed material is not returned the same day, overdue charges as for "reserve" books will be collected.


Students: Renewals shall be made upon presentation of the book borrowed, provided the same material is not needed by another person.

Staff: Renewals may be made upon application in person, by telephone or by mail, provided the same material is not needed by another reader.

Generally only regular books and bound journals are renewable and for an additional period of two weeks only, provided there are no other demands for them.

Returning of Library Material:

Medical undergraduates shall return the books at the Loan Counter (circulation desk) and take possession of their library cards.

Staff shall return library materials at the Loan Counter (circulation desk) and obtain a receipt for items returned. The Due Date Reminder (DDR) slip with the signature of the Library Assistant will serve as an official receipt.

Overdue Charges for Failure to observe Circulation Regulation

The assessment and collection of charges for failure to observe circulation regulations is a device that is distasteful and costly to the Library as well as to the borrower. Neverthless, it has been found to be the most effective means of insuring equitable access to library materials and of minimizing inconvenience to all library users.

The prompt return of library materials is, therefore, the borrower's responsibility and the assessment of overdue charges is the library's unpleasant obligation.

Appeal of any charge will be carefully considered by the Principal, who is the ex-officio Chairman of the Library Committee.

Lost Books and other Material

Loss of books should be reported promptly. Replacement costs will be charged to the reader. It should be noted that overdue charges will be collected up to the date on which the library was informed of the loss.

For books, it is the current list price plus handling charges, if the book is in print. If the book is out-of-print, the replacement charge is determined on the basis of current market value, The replacement charge for periodicals is the current market value, ples, when applicable, the cost of binding and handling.

If a lost book or periodical is subsequently returned and has not already been re-ordered, the replacement charge will be cancelled but overdue charges collected.

Mutilation of Material

So that the rights of others may be protected, readers who underline words or deface, mark, cut or otherwise mutilate a book will be assessed the full costs involved in replacing the damaged volume.

Thoughtful readers will help the Library keep its collections in the best possible physical condition in order that future readers also may enjoy the resources of the Library.