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Journal Title







Abdominal Imaging INT BM Y 0942-8925 RDL
Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases INT M N 0268-5511 GML
Academic Medicine INT M Y 1040-2446 DML
ACP Journal Club INT BM Y 1056-0751 M2L
ACP Medicine (formerly: Scientific American Medicine) INT M N 0194-9063 M1L
Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica INT M Y 0001-5172 DML
Acta Cytologica INT BM Y 0001-5547 GPL
Acta Medica Okayama (G) INT BM Y 0386-300X DML
Acta Obstetrica et Gynecologica Scandinavica INT M Y 0300-8835 DML
Acta Oncologica INT 8 Y 0284-186X DML
Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica INT BM Y 0001-6470 OSL
Acta Oto-Laryngologica INT 10 Y 0001-6489 DML
Acta Paediatrica INT M Y 0803-5253 PDL
Acta Physiologica Scandinavica INT M Y 0001-6772 GML
Acta Radiologica INT BM Y 0284-1851 DML
Advances in Internal Medicine INT A Y 0065-2822 DML
Advances in Pediatrics INT A Y 0065-3101 DML
Advances in Surgery INT A Y 0065-3411 DML
Aids Clinical Care INT M N 1045-2877 M1L
American Family Physician INT BW Y 0002-838X CME
American Heart Journal INT M Y 0002-8703 DML
American Journal of Cardiology INT BW Y 0002-9149 CDL
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition INT M Y 0002-9165 DIL
American Journal of Clinical Pathology INT M Y 0002-9173 DML
American Journal of Electronuerodiagnostic Technology INT Q N 1086-508X NSL
American Journal of Epidemiology INT BW Y 0002-9262 GML
American Journal of Gastroenterology INT M Y 0002-9270 DML
American Journal of Medicine INT SM Y 0002-9343 DML
American Journal of Mental Retardation INT BM Y 0895-8017 MHC
American Journal of Nephrology INT BM Y 0250-8095 NDL
American Journal of Neuroradiology INT 10 Y 0195-6108 RDL
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology INT M Y 0002-9378 DML
American Journal of Occupational Therapy INT BM Y 0272-9490 OTL
American Journal of Ophthalmology INT M Y 0002-9394 DML
American Journal of Opthalmology INT M Y 0002-9394 SHL
Am J Orhtodont Dentofascial Ortho INT M Y 0889-5406 DSL
American Journal of Pathology INT M Y 0002-9440 DML
American Journal of Physiology INT M Y 0002-9513 GML
American Journal of Psychiatry INT M Y 0002-953X GML
American Journal of Public Health INT M Y 0090-0036 GML
Am J Resp Crit Care Medicine INT BW Y 1073-449X DML
American Journal of Roentgenology INT M Y 0361-803X DML
American Journal of Surgery INT M Y 0002-9610 DML
American Journal of Surgical Pathology INT M Y 0147-5185 GPL
American Journal of Surgical Pathology INT M Y 0002-9629 DML
American J Trop Med and Hygiene INT M Y 0002-9637 DML
Am Urol Assoc Update Series INT 52 N   USL
Anaesthesia INT M Y 0003-2409 DML
Anatomical Record INT 18 Y 0003-276X GML
Anesthesiologic Clinics of North Am INT Q Y 0889-8537 ADL
Anesthesiology INT M Y 0003-3022 DML
Annals of Emergency Medicine (G) INT M Y 0196-0644 EMS
Annals of Internal Medicine (G) INT BW Y 0003-4819 DML
Annals of Library and Inf Studies NA Q N 0003-4835 DML
Annals of National Acad Med Sciences NA Q N 0379-038X DML
Annals of Neurology INT M Y 0364-5134 NSL
Annals of Otology Rhinology and Laryngology INT M Y 0003-4894 ENT
Annals of Plastic Surgery INT M Y 0148-7043 PSL
Annals of Saudi Medicine INT Q N 1319-9226 DML
Annals of Surgery INT M Y 0003-4932 DML
Annals of Roy coll Surg England INT BM Y 0035-8843 DML
Annals of Thoracic Surgery INT M Y 0003-4975 TSL
Annals of Thoracic Surgery INT M Y 0003-4975 DML
Annals of Trop Med and Parasitology INT 8 Y 0003-4983 DML
Annual Review of Biochemistry INT A Y 0066-4154 GML
Annual Review of Biochemistry INT A Y 0066-4154 WRL
Annual Review of Medicine INT A Y 0066-4219 DML
Annual Review of Microbiology INT A Y 0066-4422 DML
Annual Review of Pharmacol & Toxicol INT A Y 0362-1642 GML
Annual Review of Physiology INT A Y 0066-4278 GML
Antiseptic NA M N 0003-5998 DML
Anubhav Series NA 2 N   CHD
Applied Environmental Microbiology INT M Y 0099-2240 DML
Archives of Dermatology INT M Y 0003-987X DML
Archives of Diseases in Childhood INT M Y 0003-9888 DML
Archives of Environmental Health INT M Y 0003-9896 DML
Archives of General Psychiatry INT M Y 0003-990X GML
Archives of Internal Medicine INT 22 Y 0003-9926 DML
Archives of Neurology INT M Y 0003-9942 DML
Archives of Ophthalmology INT M Y 0003-9950 SHL
Archives of Ophthalmology INT M Y 0003-9950 DML
Arch Otol Head Neck and Surgery INT M Y 0886-4470 DML
Archives of Pathlogy and Lab Medicine INT M Y 0003-9985 DML
Archives of Physical Med and Rehabilitation INT M Y 0003-9993 PMR
Archives of Pediatrics and Adoles Medicine INT M Y 1072-4710 DML
Archives of Surgery INT M Y 0004-0010 DML
Arthritis and Rheumatism INT M Y 0004-3591 M2L
Arthritis Care and Research Supp to AR INT BM Y 0004-3591 M2L
Arthroscopy INT 10 Y 0749-8063 OSL
Australasian Radiology INT Q Y 0004-8461 RDL
Australian and NZ J Obstet and Gynecology INT BM Y 0004-8666 DML
Australian and NZ Journal of Surgery (G) INT M N 0004-8682 DML
Australian Family Physician INT M Y 0300-8495 CME
Australian Journal of Physiotherapy INT Q Y 0004-9514 PTL