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Library Rules and Regulation



Most Library users would appreciate silence.
Smoking, having refreshments in the Library is not allowed.
Do take care of the books and journals.
The rack at the entrance is to be used to keep your Bags.
Once a book has been borrowed avoid taking it back into the Library.
Do remember to switch off the fans and lights after use.
Usage of Cell Phone is restricted inside the Library
The Loan Counter shall be closed half an hour before closing of the Library.

Hours to Work



Monday through Friday ---- 8.00 am to 11.00 pm

Saturday- 8.00 am to 9.00 pm


Monday through Friday-- 7.00 am to 12.00 pm

Saturday-- 7.00 am to 9.00 pm


Books and Journals may be borrowed by Staff and Students

Regular Books and Bound Journals may be borrowed for a period of two weeks and may be renewed for a further period of one week, provided the item is not required by any other member.
Journals marked ‘Current’ may not be taken out from the Library.

Three-day books are identified by a yellow strip on the spine. These are non renewable.

Reserve books are identified by a red strip on the spine. These may be borrowed after 4 pm and returned by 10 am of the next working day.

Reference Books may not be borrowed.

Members of the teaching staff may borrow Reference Books, Reserve Books or Current Journals for a maximum of 4 hours during the day for teaching purposes.

There will be no extension of lending time for students going for holidays or examinations.

Reservation of Library material can be made on prescribed slip available at the counter, or online, when available.

Loss of borrowed books/Journals should be reported to the Librarian immediately. If not the fine would continue to accumulate.

Members are not allowed to sub lend the books and Journals and the Library materials shall not be taken out of Vellore.

The Lending Counter will close half an hour before the Library closes.

Borrowing Limits

Staff And Postgraduate Students:
Two Books and Three Journals (Regular, Reserve or Three days).

Five items may be borrowed from both Gault and Dodd Memorial Library at a time.

Undergraduate Students:

Two Books (Three days, Reserve or Regular) at a time.

Journals cannot be borrowed. (Bound or Unbound)

Overdue Charges

Regular books and journals:

To reminders will be sent during the first overdue week. After that overdue charges will be made as follows.

Staff: Re.1 per day for the first week and Rs.2 per day thereafter

Students: 50 paise per for the first week and Re.1 per day

Three Days And Reserve Book:
Staff and Students: Rs. 2 per day per book for the first week and Rs.3 per day thereafter.

Lending Facility:

This is the most important service offered and it is essential that this is made as efficient as possible.

Students are provided with two identity cards for borrowing two books at a time.

Staffs do not need an ID card and can borrow 2 books and 3 Journals at a time both at college and hospital.

Postgraduate Students are provided an Identity card and can borrow 2 books and 3 journals.


Working Time: 9.00 AM. to 10.30 PM.

Internet Access

There are twenty computers provided for internet access. Readers are need a valid internet account for using this facility.

Working Time: 8.00AM. to 11.30 PM.

Inter-Library Loan Service –(ILL)

Articles, which are not available in CMC, can be obtained from other Colleges and Libraries on request for CMC Postgraduates and Faculty only.